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Information Meeting SW*IP CH 

Informational Meeting SWIP Poster .png

Join us for our information meeting and get together on November 3rd, at 18.15 via Zoom: 

Meeting ID: 694 3503 7653

Passcode: 337052

SW*IP CH was established in September 2017 and aims to combat and end gender-based inequality and discrimination on all academic levels in the field of philosophy as well as to build a supportive network of women* philosophers and their allies in Switzerland. Persons of all genders are welcome within SW*IP!

We are very proud to announce that soon we will launch a project we have been working on for some time: The SW*IP CH Good Practice Guidelines. These are informative guidelines that provide concrete suggestions and tips for how individuals and institutions can work to equitably increase diversity in hiring practices, create inclusive atmospheres in seminars, conferences, and workshops, and create inclusive syllabi, among other things. This project will serve as the official relaunch of the activities of the group following a COVID induced hiatus. 

Some of our past projects have been: the organization of feminist reading groups featuring philosophical texts from feminist, queer, critical race, and decolonial theory at universities across Switzerland. We organized and held a Swiss-wide networking conference in 2018, organized workshops for women* philosophers to present and share their work, collected and analyzed data on the representation of women* in academic philosophy in Switzerland and compiled lists of authors of underrepresented groups within philosophy (women*, BIPoC) to increase inclusivity of syllabi.

To be able to keep doing this work, we are looking for active members to join us in many capacities – as members, project leaders, or executive board members. Our members receive regular updates on the work of SW*IP CH, have the opportunity to apply for funding of events co-hosted by SW*IP CH, as well as other information concerning events, workshops, conferences, and job-offers that may be interesting to women* philosophers and their allies. 

If you’re interested in joining us and have questions, please join us for our information event on the 3rd of November and (re-)connect with like-minded people all across Switzerland.


We are always happy to welcome new members to our community and would be pleased to meet you.


More information concerning SW*IP (including FAQs and by-laws, membership, past projects, and achievements, as well as ongoing projects) can be found on our website at

 You can also follow us on Instagram (, twitter (, or facebook (

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